Carol Kavanaugh-Arrington

Director of Sales – Outside DMC

3H Specialist

In the face of challenges and setbacks, some individuals possess a quality that sets them apart – their unwavering determination, resilience, and sheer perseverance. This quality is known as grit. Carol has this through and through. 

Outside DMC, Carol, and Mike Overton (Founder and CEO of Outside DMC and Outside Brands) were the main recommendations to assist us in the many elements of a National Sales Meeting in Hilton Head Island, SC. Our first introduction in 2019 created an instant bond. They are both so darn likable and experts at what they do!

Carol put us at ease and alleviated many aspects of the event. She did so by getting to know us, the client, and the outcome we desired. 

That grit we mentioned became fundamental in the unexpected path that forced us to reschedule the 2020 meeting, cancel the 2021 new date, and eventually start from scratch for the 2022 program. Carol remained by our side and restructured where required. From décor, additional staffing, and transportation to a phenomenal team-building afternoon on Page Island, Carol, and her team executed the program just as we would – with passion, vision, and determination.

Carol’s flexibility, positive attitude, care for others and relentless spirit helped propel the sensational 2022 results. We are grateful to know her. She’s precisely what 3H signifies.