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Meet Andrea Rutherford: Director of Event Solutions

With over a decade of dedicated expertise in corporate events, Andrea has curated, coordinated, and managed a diverse portfolio of […]

Asia DuPont

This acknowledgment is way past due. Not as in months, but in years! This is one heart we have wanted […]

The cost of corporate events

The Chicken or the Egg

A singular similarity in almost any industry: What will “this” cost? Every person or company wants to know the inevitable bottom […]

Brandon Cunningham

Executive Chef – the green o 3H Specialist “If you’re lucky enough to live in Montana, you’re lucky enough.” On […]

What’s on the Menu?

The evolution of food is a fascinating, yet critical, piece of the event pie. With 20+ years in the event […]

Carol Kavanaugh-Arrington

Director of Sales – Outside DMC 3H Specialist In the face of challenges and setbacks, some individuals possess a quality […]

The Hiring Advantage

Struggling to decide whether to hire an external event professional, hire within, or simply assign to an internal employee?  A […]

Juan Ramirez: Our First 3H Specialist

Server at Tidepools Restaurant, Grand Hyatt Kauai Certain things catch your eye. Especially after a long travel day and a […]

Introducing 3H Nation: The Hearts & Humans of Hospitality

If we were to ask you what was your most memorable travel or event experience, 9 times out of 10 you would be able to link that experience to a person who contributed to it – right? Almost always, there is a human that provided some service behind the scenes that made it all possible.