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MetTel hired ThinkNEU to run our yearly client VIP C-Level Innovation Summit event for the last 2 years, and their professional event coordination helped us grow this event immensely and turn it into the conference we’ve always hoped for. 2020 was our 6th Innovation Summit event, with ThinkNEU running the last 2 of them. Prior to having the ThinkNEU team run our event, our group was constantly swamped and struggling trying to put the pieces together by ourselves.

ThinkNEU’s approach was friendly, fun and very professional. Their hotel connections and amazing production experience, as well as their organization and dedication to the summit helped us transform from a smaller conference room meeting to a full production, with beautiful dinners and entertainment throughout. Our stage production in 2020 alone was nothing short of spectacular, and their tech team makes sure every moment on the stage is flowing smooth. Every step of the way, ThinkNEU did not  miss a single detail, they are there making sure our guests are happy and comfortable. Our clients consistently rave about our events, especially the last few that ThinkNEU has ran, and they truly bring the “WOW” factor to our shows, while doing all of the heavy lifting. This is a white glove events company that is also there for you on a personal level. They will truly do everything in their power to make sure every part of your event is perfectly done, and you can’t ask for much else!

—MetTel Marketing Team

I can honestly say I have never attended an event so well orchestrated – from well before the event and all the way through past the end. You all crossed “t”’s and dotted “i”’s I never realized could be crossed and dotted! Your attention to detail made me feel a part of this event and this group much quicker than I have ever experienced. Your work is flawless and somewhat spectacular while being offered in a deeply authentic way! I feel you have raised the bar on event planning.

—Charley, Innovation Structuralist (Speaker)

I was so honored that Think Neu had me speak for one of their clients. I was completely blown away by the professionalism of the event. In fact, I have never been to a company sales meeting that was as well organized and professional as the one Think Neu produced. Next time you are planning a meeting please contact Kimberly Willis or Shellie Neuman and let them show you what they can do.

—Mark Fenner, Business & Leadership Coach

Thank you so much for making our partner summit such an amazing success! The organization, attention to detail, professionalism and execution were second to none. I’m truly impressed with the quality of the event especially with the short amount of time that you had to pull it off. From the beginning, the experience was flawless. We hope to work with you again in the future. Thanks again for everything.

—Jennifer Cramer, VP, Partnership Marketing

Simply stated I believe this was the best national sales meeting I’ve attended. It delivered corporate vision, goals and values in a supportive environment that both facilitated team building and improved moral. Ultimately, you, Think Neu delivered an A+ performance. From the attendees’ perspective the event flowed very nicely, the location was beautiful, the content was valuable and the team clearly benefited from your investment. Thank you all!

—Director, Education Sales

To put it simply – you guys rock!!! I had high expectations going into this event but you guys just completely knocked it out of the park. Your attention to detail, fabulous production company and your ability to anticipate what was needed before it was needed was unbelievable. The feedback from our Partners is unprecedented and the business I expect we will gain on the back of this event is huge.

—SVP,  Enterprise Sales

I’ve worked with event planning companies over the years but not one comes close to Think Neu Events.

Awesome to have worked with you!

—Marketing Services

As a hiring manager, I recognize talent and excellence when I see it and that is ALL you see when working with the professionals at Think Neu. With a sense of style and precision, they give your events the classy, professional and polished look and feel that will impress small organizations and Fortune 100 companies alike. Their level of involvement and commitment to your event lets you know they are 100% focused on you. Their creativity and attention to details creates an atmosphere that contributes to employee (attendee) morale and engagement that is difficult to quantify, but for sure exists. I’m already looking forward to the next meeting planned by Think Neu!

—Scott Logsdon, Regional Sales Director

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team so incredibly much for all the planning and hard work that went into making our sales meeting such a success. Of course, Puerto Rico was beautiful! However, what amazed me the most was how seamlessly everything went from the travel, to the accommodations, to the events, and all the details in between. Thank you again! You guys rock!

—Emily, Attendee

During my 37 years of Restaurant, Catering and Event Planning career I have worked with innumerable Meeting Planners from different destinations around the globe regarding Gala dinners, Corporate functions, Philanthropical Events, etc. I have never worked with someone so professional, well organize with a clinical eye to details as Shellie Neuman. Shellie is a gem, working with her was charm, her communication with vendors is flawless and well timed. Hands down Think Neu Events is top notch company with a respectful staff that will guarantee your event to be a successful one. Shellie, once again, thanks for awarding us with the opportunity to work with such a great company as Think Neu Events.

—Gladys Pimentel, CEO, Roots & Flavors Inc.

WHOA, what a rockstar! Working with Shellie and Co. at Think Neu couldn’t have been a more incredible experience. She and the team brought our annual sales meeting to an entirely new level – we were able to meet all the strategic objectives, meeting in a relaxing space with plenty of entertainment and plenty of business. Incredibly quick, creative and tireless, Think Neu is – hands-down – our go–to events partner.

—Stephan Floyd, Marketing Manager, Tobii Dynavox

With close to 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry as an Events Planning Manager, I have worked with many Meeting Planners. It truly was a pleasure working with Shellie and Kim. Both are very prompt with communicating, professional, respectful and you can tell they have taken the time to really know their Clients and their needs. During the planning phase, Shellie and Kim provided a very detailed program of events, which made it real easy to plan. During the event, Shellie, Kim and their Staff were always so positive, pleasant and displayed such attention to detail from arrival to departure. Top Notch service. I highly recommend Think Neu Events for your next Event.

—Sury Beck, Event Planning Manager

Thanks again for an AMAZING experience in Scottsdale last week. I’ve attended about 15 sales meetings in my career and that was the best, by far!

—Event Attendee


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Shellie Neuman

With a public relations and marketing degree from Oklahoma State University, Shellie has been planning, coordinating and executing events across the U.S. for over a decade. Ranging from Fortune 500 clients to privately-held companies, she has managed and produced numerous corporate events from sports hospitality programs to annual sales meetings and incentive trips.

Shellie’s core competencies include overall strategy, client relationship management, creative concepts, ROI, budget management and onsite execution. She has both worked in large-format agencies as well as running her own marketing/promotion businesses, and therefore understands all sides of business. She is inspired by her daughter, women-owned businesses and the opportunity to shine her light unto others.


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Kimberly Willis

Kimberly joined Shellie Neuman as a partner of Think Neu Events in 2014. The duo collaborated on a large event and through the process shared high expectations, enhanced customer service and complimentary attention to detail.

Kimberly was previously in creation, management and sales at the Dallas division of a Corporate Events Firm. She produced numerous interactive marketing experiences, brand recognition programs, VIP management and celebrity appearances in concert tours and large scale sporting events.

She has administered several Fortune 500 companies’ corporate meetings that included online registration, transportation, audio visual, team building and hotel management. Her academic achievements include a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Central Florida.

The Think Neu Crew

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Event Solutions Director
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