Juan Ramirez: Our First 3H Specialist

Server at Tidepools Restaurant, Grand Hyatt Kauai

Certain things catch your eye. Especially after a long travel day and a five-hour time zone adjustment. The salmon-colored, linen, adorned with German Shepherds (details below) button-up shirt was the spark we needed. The enthusiastic gentleman wearing it is the spark everyone needs. 

We sat down to dinner with our client and immediately felt the joy, aloha, and hospitality of Kauai – thanks to the “Juan and only.” 

Juan greeted us like we were royalty, even though he had numerous tables. His energy, tone, approach, and conversation were authentic and natural. He engaged with our client like he’d known her for years, suggested the perfect dishes and wines, and charmed us with his infectious smile.

With curiosity, we inquired about his time at Hyatt and that shirt! First, the shirt. A couple dined with him one evening, learning of his love for German Shepherds. We also saw pride glimmer when talking about his loyal 4-legged companion. A couple of weeks after their encounter, he received a package from this thoughtful couple. They had specially shipped him his new favorite shirt that he would wear on fun Fridays! 

As Juan recalled his 27 years with Hyatt, we realized his allegiance is powerful. He boasted about Hyatt and the support employees receive. His specifics on the extended offerings during unknown times and appreciation of the simple perks continually provided by the “Hyatt family” impressed us.

Juan is a recent recipient of Hyatt’s Employee of the Year award. Bravo, Hyatt, for the recognition, grasp of adherence, and for Juan. He knows where he wants to be, and it fits. 

Sitting in Juan’s section quenched more than our travel day hunger and thirst – his true passion for serving others, loyalty to the Hyatt family, and zest for life satisfied our soul and mirrored the ultimate aloha experience. 

Mahalo, Juan, for serving us with your heart for hospitality.