Brandon Cunningham

Executive Chef – the green o

3H Specialist

“If you’re lucky enough to live in Montana, you’re lucky enough.” On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to stay at the green o in Montana, then it may be the next best thing. 

There are multiple features that make this all-inclusive resort remarkable including the people and the service. One fact that must be vocalized is we were exposed to a new level of culinary virtuosity. 

Our initial site visit included dining at Pomp, the fine dining, yet rustic ranch-style restaurant of The Resort at Paws Up. What unfolded in each dish we devoured was beyond any taste profile known to us. Distinctive combinations of senses yet keeping within the character of the environment. 

Samantha Lange (NSM of Paws Up and our hero) delightedly shared with us that Chef Brandon Cunningham was the mastermind behind it all. Fast forward to our actual incentive program>>> Chef Brandon is at the green o Social Haus and at our Welcome Reception! 

Our client had reserved all the inventory at the green o, extending exclusive Social Haus use. As the guests arrived, Chef Brandon approached each one who had noted any dietary restrictions or preferences to personally discuss the offerings and adjustments. We watched in awe of his interaction, care, and determination.

The next few days were superior in cuisine. Each night involved a 9-course show that exploded our existing knowledge of gastronomy. Works of art, such as a smoking terrarium that included freshly and locally foraged edible flowers, will never leave our memory. 

We inquired as to why he is not a Michelin-star chef. Interesting to know that to earn or even be considered, you must be in an area covered. There are other criteria that may affect his ability to even be studied. Shame. 

Over a year after the event, we have not stopped thinking about how unpretentious, devoted, and inspired he was. Recently we were able to catch up with him and not surprisingly, he is still all those things. Our biggest question is how he does not take any criticism personally since being a chef is about your art. He humbly responded, “It is about taking the ego out of the food. Creating and serving others is about their enjoyment.”

Chef Brandon, we concur. Thank you for awakening senses and protecting “the why”. The bond of authentic heart and hospitality in our fellow humans exists.