Asia DuPont

This acknowledgment is way past due. Not as in months, but in years! This is one heart we have wanted to pay tribute to for years as she is one of the reasons we thought of the 3H Nation

BACKSTORY: While Think Neu Events was evaluating Saint Martin for a corporate incentive trip, The Belmond La Samanna introduced us to their preferred DMC, Asia DuPont. Her history, charismatic personality, and multi-lingual ability proved invaluable. She showed us venues, gorgeous scenery, and off-the-path possibilities. Our time together allowed our inquisitive minds to learn more about her. Being the person she is, her values, and her work ethic, we knew that we would not lose contact with this worldly asset. 

A couple of years after our program, a horrible hurricane devastated the island. The gorgeous Saint Martin residence we knew on the island was affected. Although we offered for many to come to reside with us, they selected to either stay or had to move. Asia decided to return to France. 

Recently, we were able to reconnect and catch up with her. With immense intention, we had to feature her on the 3H and ask a few relevant questions. She responded so eloquently, as captured below in her words which highlight the magnificent character we admire. If you find yourself in Paris or Saint Martin, please say Bonjour to Asia. 

What is your current occupation and what was your occupation when we met? I am now a Director of Sales at Paris Marriott Champs Elysees Hotel. When I met you, I was working as a Marketing and Operations Assistant at Sxm Vacances DMC then I was promoted later to luxury events sales director. 

How did you end up in Saint Martin and working for the DMC? I was born and raised on the picturesque island of St. Martin. After completing my studies in Communication/Literature at La Sorbonne, the natural course of action for me was to return to my homeland, even though enticing opportunities awaited me in Paris. The island’s genuine smiles and warm camaraderie had left an indelible mark on me, deciding to come back an easy one.

We remember you have a unique family with a treasured dynamic. Tell us again a little about that.  I proudly stand as the eldest in our lively tribe of five, a harmonious medley of three spirited sisters and a lone, brave brother (poor soul, indeed!). Our family symphony shifted when our father’s embrace was replaced by memories, yet we clung tighter, forming an unbreakable bond all together with our mom.

We’re a kaleidoscope of personalities – think of us as the zany version 2.0 of Louisa M. Alcott’s “Little Women.” Each of us, has a distinct shade, adding our unique hues to this grand canvas of life.

Here’s the kicker: Mom’s tale echoes tales from Senegal’s golden sands, entwined with the allure of Lebanese origins, while Dad’s lineage winds through the vibrant tapestry of Eurasian Vietnam. Me? I sprang forth in the heart of the enchanting Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, a Caribbean gem that danced to the rhythms of sun-soaked waves. Oh, and did I mention the twist? Dupont – And yes, in this colorful mix, my last name stands as the epitome of French simplicity.

Amidst the blend of cultures and the symphony of surnames, we’re a testament to the eclectic beauty of life, weaving tales as rich and vibrant as the colors of our diverse backgrounds.

What is life like now, post the hurricane?  In the wake of the hurricane, as you’re well aware, we faced trying times. Our once-vibrant landscape was marred, and the aftermath brought a cloud of collective recovery and healing. Tourist footfalls ceased, and the echoes of trauma lingered. But, amidst the rubble, a resilient spirit prevailed. Hand in hand, we rebuilt what was lost, each lending a hand where we could. Slowly but surely, the spark of resurgence glowed, and years later, the wheels of business began to turn anew.

Amidst this unfolding chapter, I found myself stepping into a new role – Luxury Events Sales Director at Sxm Vacances DMC. A journey that led me to the glitz and glamour of trade shows like IMEX Las Vegas, orchestrating site inspections that unveiled potential in every corner, and crafting incentive travels that turned dreams into reality. But beyond the spreadsheets and itineraries, the true joy was the people I met – a colorful tapestry of cultures from across the globe.

And now, a new twist in my tale: I find myself amidst the bustling charm of Paris. The enchantments of art museums and the swift rhythm of city life beckoned, drawing me into their embrace. Yet, even in this vibrant city, my heart yearns for the echoes of Saint Martin, a place where resilience and community reign supreme. So, here I stand, straddling two worlds, living a life between the allure of Paris and the enduring spirit of Saint Martin.