The Chicken or the Egg

A singular similarity in almost any industry: What will “this” cost?

Every person or company wants to know the inevitable bottom line for any service or product. When we offer a moment to improve the brand’s health, pricing is openly discussed. Where the difficulty comes into play is the evaluation of how to get the best results while working with the financial allocation. Think: Which came first, the egg or the chicken?

Our first question is always going to be: What is the goal of the event?

From there, we examine each response to know what may follow. The eventual inquiry of company funds directed toward the event is not to see what we can charge; it is to know the reality of alignment. 

When considering attendance – the who, when, where, why, and how many – there is a lot to unfold. For instance, will this be a consecutive event with a potential of audience increase or is it a private event where certain aspects earn the attendee an invite incorporating consistent maximum earners? Exclusivity equals social attraction. Add in the “post-ability” to surge inquiring minds or social media climbers. 

At TNE, we constantly aim to select unique, high-service, goal-achieving and memorable opportunities, yet simultaneously keeping the bottom line in mind. 

Proper budget alignment is essential for financing events because it not only ensures financial sustainability but also enhances the overall effectiveness and impact of the event. It’s a strategic tool that empowers us to make informed financial decisions and achieve client objectives while minimizing financial risks.

Sometimes we are directed to start from scratch. Given the chance to construct, we will jump, skip, and dive into the hippocampus. If a base exists, we will build on or touch up. Either way, we are here to maximize every touch point necessary to achieve our client’s end goal.