What’s on the Menu?

The evolution of food is a fascinating, yet critical, piece of the event pie. With 20+ years in the event planning industry, we’ve seen the menus shift. It used to be “what variation can we fit in the budget” (spoiler, it was always chicken) to “what’s the best selection for the value.” 

Amongst a movement in the diversity of food options, global cultures, dietary preferences, food aversions, health focus, interactive experiences, and chef notoriety, the event menu has become a complex and prioritized focal point in our design process. The fact is that culinary experience is taking center stage in corporate programs. 

From exclusive restaurants and chef involvement for our executive board meetings to non-repetitive, health-conscious buffet items, our charge is to be comprehensive, intentional, unpredictable, and creative when crafting menus. 

To allow the attendees to savor their experience, our approach includes many of the following steps:

  • Pre-event communication
  • Collaboration with onsite chefs and local cuisine
  • Menu variety
  • Gastronomy and fusions
  • Allergen and health awareness
  • Transparent labeling
  • Customizable options and substitutions
  • Flavor and presentation
  • Signature drinks and local flare
  • Chef interaction and demonstration
  • Action stations
  • Onsite communication
  • Feedback loop

Being gastronomes, we take pride in ensuring guests get the flavor of the overall event through the culinary offerings and attention we put into bringing those to the table. Our mission is for everyone to be excited about and to remember “what’s on the menu.”